Managing Driving Risk

At-work driving is now the single biggest safety issue facing UK industry, with over 1000 deaths and 250,000 serious injuries occurring every year.  To help tackle this issue the Government have now introduced Corporate Manslaughter legislation.

Your drivers may be hundreds of miles away, but ‘duty of care’ remains with you!

Directors and Senior Managers now face fierce fines and even prison if they fail to adequately manage the ‘duty of care’ for their employees that drive. Driving at Work Click has been created specifically to assist companies and organisations in the management of occupational road risk.

“Driving at Work” driving is now the single biggest safety issue facing UK industry. Recently some 2,000 deaths and 23,000 serious injuries have occurred in a single year - 1 in 3 road crashes involving a vehicle being driven for work.

To help tackle this issue the Government introduced Corporate Manslaughter legislation, with even tougher fines and penalties being introduced at the beginning of 2016. With a number of Police initiatives and Government Legislation already in place, ignoring or deferring occupational road risk issues has ceased to be a viable option!

The Managing Driving Risks System is designed to assist fleet managers and Companies tackle Occupational Road Risk (ORR).

On completion, the Company Audit provides you with a bespoke set of remedial actions to assist in compliance with the law, and the Driver Audit manager allows your drivers to complete individual audits and upload to the system for monitoring centrally.