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Submitted on 31 Oct 2019

Working Women and the Menopause

So what is menopause transition? Why should it be a problem? And what can employers do to best support their female workers while they're going through it?

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Submitted on 26 Sep 2019

Dealing with Stranded Staff

Whether addressing an immediate situation or planning for a future one - here we look at the best ways to deal with unexpected staff absence

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Submitted on 19 Sep 2019

The Rugby World Cup 2019 – making it work for you

Whether a possible motivator or as a disruptive influence on staff - here we look at some useful tactics you can employ to manage any potential impact

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Submitted on 14 Aug 2019

Getting Ready for IR35 – should you be?

Are you among the one in five sole traders needlessly preparing for the new IR35 reforms coming into effect next April?

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Submitted on 27 Jun 2019

Protecting Pregnant Employees

Here we look at the issues concerning pregnant workers and the best approach for employers

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Submitted on 16 May 2019

Avoiding Discrimination when Recruiting

Adopting robust procedures will help you avoid falling foul of Disability Discrimination Laws - and to develop a better recruitment process

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Submitted on 11 Apr 2019

Encouraging a Culture of Constructive Feedback

Helping you to embed a culture of constructive feedback in your organisation

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Submitted on 28 Mar 2019

Changing the Way we Work in 2019

From April major changes to current employment law come into force that will change the way we work.

Here we look at what you need to know and what you must do to stay compliant.

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Submitted on 14 Feb 2019

Holiday Pay – getting it sorted!

To help debunk some of the many myths and misunderstandings regarding holidays and holiday pay here are some answers to the most common questions our Experts are asked.

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Submitted on 23 Jan 2019

Are Skills Shortages Harming your Business?

On the basis that "Good People make for a Good Business", how do you find enough people with the right skills and experience - and avoid potential disaster for your business!

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